Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BIG words

He never had best friends, only friends. He never had a person with who he could open up completely.
Once, when he was smaller, innocent and immature he called a friend "best friend" for one day, the same way people call their first boyfriend or girlfriend their only and true love. But now, he knew that he couldn't use words so easily, now even calling someone his "friend" was a BIG deal.

He thought people never take words seriously; they were capable of telling anyone "I love you" or calling them "best friend". He always thought that once you call someone "best friend" you created great duties, which people weren't capable of fulfilling making everyone sad and disappointed.

He tried to explain this to his friends but they weren't capable of understanding, they never understood him. They thought he was being funny and crazy. After a while, many of his thoughts were saved in a notebook or for someone who could understand him, but that person but that person had not yet arrived to his life.

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  1. Whoa, I feel like I was reading my own thoughts. This is exactly how I feel.